The Variety of fish in the Florida Keys is amazing. This if because or our location having the Gulfstream on one side and the expansive seagrass meadows of Florida Bay and the Everglades National Park on the other side.  These waters are so productive that a dozen species in a 4 hour trip is not uncommon. Cold weather up north pushes migrating species such as sailfish, kingfish, cobia, mackerel and jacks down this way in big numbers in winter months.  Catch and release or Catch dinner...


Here are just a few of the fish we catch. The variety of species is too great to list.

Tarpon, a major draw best From early March - June. Smaller fish in summer and fall.

Sailfish are awesome. November through April are best.

Grouper we commonly catch a half a dozen species of grouper.

Snapper, there are several species with size range from a pound or 2 up to around 20lbs. All are great to eat.


Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) the perfect game fish, great to eat and abundant through much of the year. May through August are prime time.

Redfish, an inshore fish we catch around the mangroves alongside Snook and other shoreline dwellers.

Jacks, there are also several different species of Jacks including permit that we catch regularly. The Amberjack is the largest.

Sharks are numerous and the variety of species is huge.

Permit we catch these hard fighters around flats and in channels on the gulf side as well as around wrecks on both sides of the island chain.

Cobia are found in the Florida Keys from December through April.

Mackerel are abundant and a blast for everyone

we have 3 species of them.

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